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Here you can watch all major tv stations in Sri Lanka online without a hassle. So do not forget to bookmark our website because this might come in handy if you are an expatriate, on the go or you don't have a tv set near you. I strongly believe it is very important to watch the news and improve your political literacy if you need Sri Lanka to be a better place. Do not be a devotee to a political party or selfish for personal gain. Think as a whole, and do good to yourself and others, relatives and friends. Increase your Critical thinking.

Watch live Sri Lankan TV on any device now. Because online television has established a strong following in the high-tech industry, its viewership is consistently expanding. We provide recommendations for a wide range of various Sri Lankan online TV stations, taking into account and recognizing the preferences of our users. Everyone who watches it will definitely find something that piques their curiosity. Football, fishing, and hunting are among the many hobbies that our viewers may enjoy.

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There are several Sri Lankan TV channels that millions of viewers enjoy. We aim to bring all those TV channels into one platform so that online TV watching and live streaming are easier than ever. If you have a stable Internet connection, you can watch an unlimited number of live Sri Lankan TV channels 24/7.

You are well aware of Sri Lankan TV channels suitable for children, so choose those for your kids.

TV Channels



Sirasa TV has been at the forefront of the industry, one of few, reliable unbiased news sources packed with a lot of entertainment programs.



Siyatha TV live is also a good source of reliable unbias news sources, to increase your political literacy.



Swarnavahini is more popular for new films and live chart shows and reality shows. A good source for star gossip.



Hiru tv according to many citations Sri Lanka's first digital terrestrial broadcast. however not a good source when it comes to news because it is very biased and lacks ethics.



TV Derana is famous for astrology and is NOT a good news source. Famous for Talk With Chathura and Travel With Chathura. and some political discussions like 360 Derana.



Stated own Television network, it produces and broadcasts programs in three languages. Even though it is a state's own it has maintained somewhat good news ethics when it comes to political propaganda.



Independent Television Network Limited (also known as ITN Sri Lanka or simply as ITN) is a Sri Lankan state-owned governed Television broadcaster. ITN channel is also the first 1080p full HD television channel in Sri Lanka and the very first TV channel in the Country.



TNL TV is an English and Sinhala-language television station in Sri Lanka, owned by Telshan Network. Launched in 1993, TNL TV was one of Sri Lanka's first privately owned television channels. Shan Wickremesinghe, the chairman of Telshan Network

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There is a possibility that some people will be interested in watching programs that are only focused on entertaining, cooking, or housework. Educative cartoons and programs that help youngsters improve their logical thinking are likely to appeal to younger viewers when they watch Sri Lanka TV live streaming. This is because younger viewers tend to be more curious.

Watch Sri Lankan TV Channels Online

The viewer would have no cost whatsoever associated with watching Sri Lankan TV channels. Because of the exponential rise of digital technology, it is now possible to view television programs and motion pictures whenever you want, day or night. And each of you will find something that suits your tastes. On television, you can get an accurate weather prediction and keep up with what's going on around the country by watching the news blocks on television, in addition to watching reality shows and other entertainment programming.

On the other hand, you may watch live Sri Lankan television. Given the large number of available stations, you should be able to make a decision that is satisfying when you watch Sri Lankan TV online and have a wonderful time whenever you have some free time. Have a relaxing and enjoyable time viewing your preferred TV channels in the comfort of your home!

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We have done all in our power to assemble nearly all of the available online TV channels in Sri Lanka. On this page, you will find links to all of the Sri Lankan television channels that are currently streamable online. We hope to be able to provide you with a comprehensive directory of all the TV stations in Sri Lanka with links to their live streams so that you may watch them from the comfort of your own home. Select the station you want to watch on TV by clicking the corresponding button.You will find that we provide you with a link to the main page of the TV station's website most of the time. So, you may visit the official website of your preferred television network to watch a live stream of the program you've been waiting all week to see.

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Live Cricket

Sri Lankan cricket is popular among many fans around the world. If you are also crazy about this game and want to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings then there’s no better way to do so than by logging in to our online streaming websites that telecast live matches. If you are a Sri Lankan cricket fan, just click here to watch a live Sri Lanka cricket match on HD TV.

Live Radio station

The Sri Lankan radio industry is a thriving one. There are many radio stations in the country that cater to different tastes and preferences. There are many online radio stations in Sri Lanka that offer listeners a chance to tune into their favorite programs from the comfort of their homes. These stations also provide an opportunity for aspiring DJs to showcase their talent and skills.

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